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Activities AMC is currently commissioning work of the panel (High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage), commissioning of transformers, motors commissioning, commissioning PLC, protection relay testing, protection relay configuration, trouble shooting and electrical installations. At first we just played an active role and support the Siemens product. Its running time as we continue to follow the developments and participate in the interest of various products such as ABB, Schneider, Merlin Gerlin, etc.


To be the best electrical company in Indonesia with extensive national and international clients, start from Design, engineering, assembly, installation testing , commissioning, maintenance and suppliers. We can provide ONE STOP SOLUTION system support.


- Optimize the competence and consistency AMC structure to meet business commitments.
- Maintain the quality of the process in each service.
- To provide a system solution with a cost- effective way to listen and respond to the needs of our customers while providing a dynamic work environment that empowers employees and encourage personal growth and development
- provide a dynamic work environment to empower employees and encourage personal growth and development
- • Maintain and prioritize policy Health. Safety and Environment in all aspects of project


We emphasize that a healthy business, this means that we do not accept illegal transactions can be done through a bidding process. In addition, AMC run all projects in a professional manner to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients. we forbid any hidden fees and markups are often added by corrupt business. Our first year, we were assigned to government power projects in Papua New Guinea. because of our strong desire to continue to grow, we also take a variety of other projects, both locally and internationally


We are always trying to expand relationships with our clients, we always be fair competitors and always trying to not drop any other company. Honesty and Quality is the heart of our business. We hope to maintain high ethical standards in all that we do, we are the ones who are trying to better the work for the company and in our personal lives.


In order to continuously improve the quality of service and satisfaction to our corporate clients and to achieve our mission, we strive to provide superior quality service and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. we apply the following values in our


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